Texas Active for Life® Coalition

Housed within the Texas A&M Center for Population Health and Aging (CPHA), the Texas Active for Life® Coalition (TALC) is a statewide coalition with an overarching mission to keep Texans “active for life… Everyone! Every age! Every day!”  This is primarily accomplished by providing evidence-based programs (EBP) for older adults.

Falls and chronic conditions are interrelated with similar roots and major risk factors (biological, behavioral, and environmental factors). Therefore, rather than having multiple coalitions for different purposes (fall prevention, disease self-management), the TALC serves as an umbrella Coalition to engage diverse stakeholders to promote healthful aging through collective action.

TALC is committed to expanding and promoting evidence-based programming, influencing policy change, and unifying partners and efforts across the state. In an effort to make our vision a reality, the TALC focuses its efforts on the following:

  1. Increase awareness about health issues impacting older Texans and prevention/management strategies
  2. Increase provider participation in prevention/management practices
  3. Increase funding opportunities and investments for prevention/management
  4. Enhance data surveillance collection, analysis, and system linkages
  5. Increase availability and accessibility of community programs and services